The fermata is a symbol used to signify a considered pause, a deep breath, increased duration, a lengthening of the musical relationship . . . longevity.

Fermata Entertainment is an artist centered, fan driven music company created by people who love music to overcome the challenges plaguing today's music industry. We are one part artist development and strategic advisory firm, and another part advisory services boutique. Our  advisory services boutique focuses on early stage technology platforms and other startups in music, media, film and other creative industries. We serve creators and founders, artists and entrepreneurs, executives, musicians and investors; developing revolutionary business models and products, transforming the music industry by breaking barriers and advancing the sense of the possible. 

Fermata is committed to solving its clients' critical problems and helping them achieve their business and professional objectives. We are plugging the gaping hole left by a contracting music industry, and serve as the bridge between DIY artists and established labels/major industry, while providing high quality, customized, client-centered advisory services to emerging artists and early stage creative industry businesses that often cannot otherwise obtain needed guidance. Our model reduces the friction often found in traditional advisory service firms by offering services that align the interests of our clients with our own.  We offer our artists and business clients a suite of strategic, development, business, management, funding  and (through our affiliated law practice, Brown Benjamin) legal services. 

The world is changing rapidly; our goal is to navigate these changes alongside our clients as their trusted advisors. Adhering to the strictest ethical standards, pursuing excellence in every assignment, building long term and enduring relationships . . . partnering with you to create the future. 


Welcome to Fermata Entertainment.





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